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  • Amsterdam

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    It is a beautiful summer day, Adam and Eva are walking around the canals of Amsterdam, the capital city of Holland. The house are so pretty and so many people riding on bicycles!
  • Astronauts

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Kaito is an astronaut. Together with Tsuki, his girlfriend, they fly into space to explore new worlds, to boldly go where no one has gone before. Sometimes they just orbit around the Earth to enjoy the beautiful blue marble.
  • ChangE

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Chang'e is a very beautiful Hitobito, she is the moon goddess. She loves fruits and cakes. In east and southeast Asia her life is being celebrated every year during the Moon festival.
  • Cyberpunks

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Punko and Mirai are cyberpunks. They are very much into video games and they loves listening to punk music as loud as possible. Punko and Mirai are best friends, virtually inseparable.
  • Flora

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Hitobito Flora is the goddess of Spring. She loves flowers, trees and anything the grows in nature. She is very youthful and always cheerful and high spirited.
  • HB Babies

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    These are the twin brother and sister, Yochi and Kochi. They are very cute and happy and love playing all day inside and outside too.
  • HB Kids V01

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Hitoshi loves animals. She has a dog and a few cats and a magical peafowl that lays magic eggs!
  • HB Love

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Hitohi and Hitoshi are a couple and best friends. They are the Hitobitos world ambassadors and their mission is to spread love and eradicate hate in the world. They have four cats, Fifty-Fifty, Puff, Ginger and Mao.
  • Holland

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Grietje and Floris are from the Netherlands, also known as Holland, land of the tulips. They live in the city of Gouda where they make a lot of yummy cheese.
  • Japan

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Haruto and Yoko they are from the island of Honshu in Japan. They live near mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, standing 3,776 meters!
  • Machu Picchu

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Taki and Maicu are our Hitobitos from Peru. They live nearby the famous Machu Picchu Inca citadel. It is very beautiful out there and many people visit this place from all over the world.
  • Mexico

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    It is Día de Muertos in Mexico today. Carmen and Leonardo are celebrating the souls and lives of their forefathers. Leonardo is a virtuoso on the guitar and Carmen is a brilliant flamenco dancer.
  • Papua

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Here are Mahana and Hoani. They live in the tropical rainforests of Papua new guinea. For many generations they live in harmony with all off the unique animals of the rainforests.
  • Peace & Love

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    These are Nur and Nurrin, they are our Hitobitos Hippies. The lead a simple way of life, spreading peace and love wherever they go all over the world.
  • Petra

    9.5043.50 (incl. VAT)
    Wad and Aneesa are from a Bedouin tribe in the mountain deserts of Jordanian kingdom. They live near the ancient city of Petra which is one of the seven wonders of the world.


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